Christian Karl - Born in 1973 - Living in Vienna - Working with Canon and Hasselblad

I was born in Munich and grew up in the suburbs of and then in Vienna. I finished the medical school of Vienna in 2001 and i've been working in hospitals ever since. Besides my medical occupation i developed an interest in applied and artistic photography.

Due to motivation and help from my friends i was able to have my first exhibition in the February of 2015. 

My first semiprofessional analog camera received in 2001 as a present from my sister and o lot of friends after finishing med school for a 4 months journey to Australia and the South Pacific. Inspired by the experience i made therewith i bought my first digital camera for my next 6 month adventure to the south americas in 2005. Sadly it got lost/stolen along the way.   

During that time i learned some more about photography and started do distance myself from the sheer reflection of holiday stills and tried to move on from a sole documentary style to a more abstract way of taking pictures.  With the use of a more pictorial language i trie to create a new experience for the beholder. In there i find my intention, my interests, my admiration for photography.